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Master of Business Administration

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MBA Mahidol


In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, many corporations are looking for new qualities in their existing and newly hired employees. Those with scientific minds, who are forward thinking individual with a strong vision for the future are much sought after by leading companies. However, professionals who are capable of analyzing business data and producing the number of sound strategic business decision represent a small number in many MBA graduates. In order to respond to the new demands of business worldwide, this program aims to produce professional graduates who are equipped with strong qualitative and quantitative business analytical skills. The Business Modeling and Analysis program is truly unique with its main objective being to produce graduates who will be able to think analytically, and who have sound decision making skills. This program is the only program in Thailand that offers the opportunity of studying Business Modeling and Analysis.

Mahidol University International College graduates with a Master of Business Administration in Business Modeling and Analysis are well equipped with both qualitative and quantitative aspects of business and their applications, and with the necessary skills to compete in the business world.

The aim of the program is to promote the well-being of the students and to
• produce professional graduates with analytical, quantitative, and decision-making skills leading to successful careers in business, government, or consulting via the application of research and scientific methods;
• produce professional graduates who are able to work effectively in a diverse and multidisciplinary working environment;
• produce professional graduates who have a well-developed ability to effectively use English and the knowledge they have gained in university, inside and outside Thailand and/or in an international business context;
• maximize the abilities of graduates through an interactive learning environment with real-case scenarios with the ultimate goal of increasing overall present and future corporate competitiveness;
encourage them to behave ethically and to be socially responsible , so that they will be able to choose the most ethical action in sensitive circumstances.


MBA in Business Modeling and Analysis has uniquely advantage as follows:
• A flexible two-year program (Evenings and Weekends)
• Study at 12th floor, Sathorn City Tower, Sathorn
• The program is uniquely designed to develop your creativity.
• The program will equip you with the tools to transform business concept into reality.
• Become a part of the Mahidol University Network


Admission Criteria
•    A Bachelor’s degree in any field, preferably with at least 1 year’s work experience.
•    Prospective students with no work experience should have a Bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.00 and above.
•    TOEFL 550 (or equivalent), IELTs 6.0, or pass the English proficiency test set by the MBA program.
•    Recommendations from two unrelated persons (one from the current employer, former employer or supervisor).
•    Pass the interview, the Business English Writing test, and the Quantitative Test. Sample
Students who have graduated from an international program which uses English as a medium of instruction are exempted from the English proficiency test requirement.

Tuition and  Admission Fees

Admission fee 2,500  Baht
TOEFL Test fee 1,000  Baht
Tuition fees 5,000  Baht/Credit
Administration fees 12,000  Baht/Trimester
Approximate total cost per graduate student 371,000  Baht/($US 10,911.76)

* Fees include tuition fees for non-credit courses and for all textbooks.
* The fees are subject to change at MUIC’s discretion without prior notice.
* Currency exchange rate : Thai Baht 34 = $US 1. (as at 7 September 2009)

English is used in classes and for thesis or thematic papers.

Duration of Study
The duration of study must take no less than 6 trimesters and no more than 5 academic years.

This course will provide students with a solid foundation, and provide them with the tools to better understand the business environment, its business model, and the strategies necessary to compete in a global business world. Students who graduated from this program can work in various fields including:
•    Management Consulting
•    Business Development
•    New Venture Creation
•    Business Planning
•    Business Analysis
•    Project Management

Contact MBA
MUIC Graduate Center
Office: 175 South Sathorn Rd. Thung Mahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand 10120
Tel: +66(0) 2-679-5053-5
Fax: +66(0) 2-286-2654
E-mail :


MUIC has progressively established formal exchange agreements with a number of carefully selected universities and institutions throughout the world.
For those who are interested in attending MUIC as exchange students, please contact the International Relations office of your home university for assistance.
• La Trobe University
• Monash University
• Fachhochschule Krems
• University of Saskatchewan
• University of Victoria
• University of New Brunswick
• University of Nice
• Vaasa Polytechnic
• Harz University
• Heilbronn University
• Duesseldorf University
• University of Konstanz
• Nagasaki University
• International Christian University
• Osaka University
• Kyushu University
• Okayama University
• Kyung Hee University
• Utrecht University
United Kingdom
• University of Surrey
• Bournemouth University
• University College Birmingham
United States of America
• Fairleigh Dickinson University
• University of Hawaii
• Hawaii Pacific University
• University of Central Arkansas
• Colorado State University Pueblo
• University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
• Shorter College
• College of New Jersey

Designed to facilitate cross-cultural education, the programs have brought a growing number of foreign students to study in Thailand and helped an equally significant number of MUIC students to round out their educational experience overseas.

Contact International Relation Office
Mrs. Koonthida Ekpoom
Office: MUIC (at Salaya) Building 2, Floor 2, Room 2204
Tel: +66 (0) 2441 5090 ext. 1219, 1701-2
Fax: +66 (0) 2441 0232

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